Thursday, August 18, 2016

What' Done

 It took us a few seconds to 'get this one' which I
borrowed from my FB newsfeed.
 This top [and the one below] are the two pre-cut kits that came
from the Outreach portion of Bayside Quilters.  I'll turn them back 
in at the next meeting.  Still need to complete: 10 Xmas stockings.
 This is the pattern I wanted to duplicate using my stack of festive and
brightly colored Batik's ... but when I went to do the pressing they
were not 'fat quarters' {18" x 22"} but were 6" cuts 
[6" x the width of the fabric].  I must have hit the wrong item when ordering.
I found a pattern that I haven't made before that uses a lot of different
fabrics ... so those Batik's are now pressed and cut into
2-1/2" pieces.  I know this type of pattern won't be everyone
'cup of tea' but it will be someones for sure!
 This is the back of Savannah's holiday quilt.
This is the front of her quilt.  I want to add a sparkle
side border fabric in either red or white - then it will be done.

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