Monday, September 26, 2016

A New Restaurant In Town: Limoncello

 Last night we went to Limoncello with our neighbors.  This is a
new restaurant that opened after a major renovation to the space
[that housed several other restaurants].  It's right on the main drag in
the town of St. Michaels.  It was packed with a lot of tourist
last night and I was glad Nancy made reservations.
 Since we've been living on the shore this space has
seen a few owners each coming in with different
concept of design and food.  This is now our second Italian
restaurant which I consider more upscale in dishes offered
that the other one which is Ava's [a pizza joint].  
 Nancy & Larry studying the extensive menu
which was very impressive in meal offerings.
 I took a picture of the drink menu so I would remember 
what this drink was but I guess I deleted the photo
accidentally.  I think this was a Limoncello Blush.
It's one of those drinks that you could have more than
one of while dining.  I only had one!
 Wilson ordered the Bellini which he graded
as excellent and would order again.
 Wilson's salad which he rated excellent.
 My salad was a Cesar with a light dressing.
The Parmesan wafer on the top was a thick
which gave it a salty taste.  Usually these accents are as
thin as paper.  I rate this as above good but not excellent.
For those that know me if pizza is on the menu I will order
it.  Even though it's interesting in presentation the overall
rating was below okay.  The crust was dry yet chewy with
no taste.  Speaking of no taste ... the sauce needs to be
jazzed up with some spices.  I couldn't believe the sparseness of
cheese on this pizza ... not good.  Would I order this again ... no!

Wilson liked his entree which was a veal dish.
There were two veal dishes offered on the menu - he ordered one but they
served him the other!  No apologies for that or when the
waitress accidentally tipped over his Bellini glass spilling the
last sip he had on his pants.

The noise level was over the top loud and not great for conversation.
This will change as the tourist population decreases as we
head into winter.  Would I go back to this restaurant: probably yes. 

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  1. I thought for sure you were going to say probably "no" From your description of the food and service I most likely wouldn't return