Monday, September 12, 2016

From The Production Factory

Wilson calls my sewing/quilting room 'the production area'.
Here are the produced items from this weekend.
 10 Little Stockings
These actually will be going back to the Guilds Outreach group 
this week along with two quilt tops I made.
 Napkins for Fall.
 I started out with this pattern in mind [which I've made several times
before]... but decided to 'mix it up' so I created my own version of
a new pattern [as seen below].  The goal is to use up as many
of the batik fabrics as possible.  I've already started another
batik quilt which reduced the pile even more.

 This was a lot of work but I'm not complaining.
I love the rich color and subtle patterns batik fabric offers.
A past work friend posted on FB that one of his relative's youngest son 
re-devloped cancer in his left eye.  Liam looks to be about 
4 or 5 and has been through one round of chemo.   I offered to make a
 small quilt for him to use during his next round of chemo.  
I feel bad for this little tyke to have to go thru additional treatments.   
Please keep Liam in your prayers - he's such a cute little boy.


  1. I hate to hear about anyone having cancer but it's even worse when it's a little one.
    All your stuff looks great. You've got one busy production room there

  2. You've been very busy... so sad about Liam... horrible when cancer strikes anyone, yet alone a young person.