Friday, September 16, 2016

Did You See This Week?

 This is another week that just flew by!  For me it's been
filled with various appointments both here and in Annapolis
which really cramps my style when it comes to sewing.

I'm still working through that stack of Batik's and am
getting closer to the bottom.  Since my days have been
'taken' I've been sewing after dinner each night.  The above
quilt pattern ... I've made several times before.   Now
I'm working on 'placement' of the blocks before
they are sewn together in nice rows.
 There's something new in our house and if you guessed fabric -
you're wrong! Wilson decided to clean out all his old camera
stuff {lens and other misc. things} including his latest camera and
send it off to New York.  There's a place who will examine and
then give you a fair price for your stuff.  He used that as a partial
payment for his new camera. 
 Me ... I take my pictures on the 'auto' setting so this new
Nikon really doesn't mean a thing to me but does to him.
 Tonight we're having two couples over for a simple burger
on the porch dinner party.  Wilson will be firing up the Primo
later this afternoon and I'm in the process of baking
chocolate cupcakes for dessert.
Instead of napkin rings I went onto Pinterest to look for a
new way to fold napkins.  I found this flower fold which
was super-easy to do.  The addition of the baby pumpkins
in the center makes the statement ... fall if finally here!
Gotta run ... it's time to ice those cupcakes! 
p.s.  I whipped up the napkins just for this dinner.  
That removed two [2] yards of fabric from my stash.
Guess I'll need to replace it!

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