Thursday, September 29, 2016

 This is a pre-cut quilt top I picked up from Outreach at the last Guild meeting.
Derby is helping me place the blocks in a pleasing design.
 Since there was one more of the black blocks then the purple it
screwed up the design I wanted to use ... so I went to my
stash and pulled out the fabric you see in the corners.
 So while I was looking for that fabric I decided to pull out all the 
'free table fabric' that I wasn't crazy about.  That was a nice stack.
Instead of taking it back to the free table I made this quilt top which
I'll donate to Outreach.  I also had enough material for two more 
tops using this size block and plan to get them done by the next meeting.
 This is the Halloween quilt I made for sweet Savannah.  
Since she is so small I didn't have to make it large.

Julep is helping me lay out another Halloween quilt.
This one may go to Liam who [from what I understand] is going
thru his second round of chemo for the rare eye cancer this little guy has.
 The distant visitors.  The pond water level is extremely low
and hopefully with the 3 days of rain it will rise back to a normal level.
 Between the golden rod and the rag weed it's reeking
havoc with my sinuses.  I'm living on Benadryl.
I see you.  It's interesting to see the flocks of birds showing
up in the meadows and the lack of hummingbirds at our
feeders.  That's sad but they must migrate to warmer weather.

Well, I better get my day started.  I need to finish up a few
projects in my sewing room.  Our community is having a
yard sale next Saturday and I want to see if I can sell some
quilts and pillowcases.  I really don't have my hopes up since
most people are looking for 'a margin' or odds and ends.
My quilts are neither so we'll see.  It would be great if I could
at least make a few $'s since sister Deb and I are headed to
Lancaster [fabric shopping] in a few weeks.  We originally
wanted to go to Williamsburg but all the time-share condo's
were taken ... we'll try again in spring.


  1. I just love how Derby keeps you company! The first Outreach quilt has wonderful colors-I'm so drawn to it. Great job reaching out. You are so productive, wish I made half as many quilts as you do. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Derby is an excellent quilting assistant. The two of you did a great job.