Saturday, October 1, 2016

Rainy Days = Productivity

 While it's been about 4 days of rain and cloudy weather the westies
are not happy to be stuck inside without any neighborhood walks.
 Rainy days {or snowy days} = great production time in my
sewing room.  It's my excuse to not do anything else but
sew my fingers to the bones.
 I actually decided to pull out all the stuff that was just tossed
on my bottom shelf and do something with it.  Mostly that
fabric was cut into various sizes of blocks and put away into
plastic bins for a [one day] scrappy quilt.  I now have one
shelf cleared and ready for some new fabric finds.
 This fabric {I have to tell you} was only $2.99 per yard.
What a steal for a Michael Miller fabric {purchased from
Hancock of Paducah} if anyone is interested.
 This is totally adorable and excellent quality.  Should
I order more for a quilt?  It's truly tempting.
 This fabric was taken off the free table at the last Guild meeting.
I cut a simple 8-1/2" block ... it's a manly quilt.

 Finally finished the binding on this one.

 This fabric was also off the free table at the Guild meeting.  
I just happen to be in the right place at the right time. 

 This one was a lot of work and really turned out well.
 I also love the back fabric ... this one will be ...
 That's it for the Halloween fabric.  The gray background with
black trees has eyes that glow in the dark.

 Spider and web pillowcase set.
Have a great Saturday and thanks for popping in.


  1. I love all your projects-especially the pink fairy fabric. Derby looks like he is helping you keep track of your fabric. I always embrace fall and winter, because it does allow more time inside sewing and creating. I just finished a Christmas wall hanging(will post about it on Monday)and starting another simple wall hanging. Lots of Christmas presents to make too. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your time inside.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. WOW, everything looks great. I wish I could that productive on rainy days.