Saturday, October 29, 2016

Come See My Octothorp Quilt

While I was getting my place on the sofa ready to watch Blue Bloods
last night Derby decided it was a nice nesting spot for him to
take a nap.  Needless to say - I didn't disturb him - but I did
use the word 'treat' which made him hightail it into the kitchen
of his own accord.  Sneaky but effective.
 Julep ... grooming appointments set in two weeks.
 A simple pattern to use the rest of this dog fabric 
so it's out of my stash.  I think it looks nice.
 The back fabric I found on-line and on sale for $2.99/yard.
 The white fabric has silver dots to give this quilt a little punch.
 The # Quilt.
When I was growing up we called this a pound sign {#}
now kids are calling it a hashtag ... it's hashtag this
and hashtag that ... I personally don't get it so I will looked it up.
 According to Wikipedia a hashtag is ... a type of label or metadata
tag used on social networks and microblogging [now what's that?}
services which makes it easier for users to find messages with a 
specific theme or content.  Users create and use hashtags by placing the
hash character [or pound sign #] [also known as number sign or
octothorpe {new word for me} in front of a word either in the main
text of a message or at the end. 
 The ... hashtag ... pound sign ... octothorps
According to Wikipedia ... stories abound about who first called the
# sign an 'octothorps' [which can also be spelled 'octothorp].  Most
of those tales link the name to various telephone workers in the
1960s, and all claim the 'octo-' part refers to the eight points on
the symbol, but the 'thorpe' remains a mystery.
 Now that I got that hashtag nonsense out of my system here's
a new project I just started.  This pattern was pulled from one
of those free magazine I picked up from the Guild.  It's a nice
way to use small block leftovers.  
I still have a lot of bits and pieces of holiday fabric to work
with and my sewing room floor [on this side of the room]
is a mess.  I may have found a pattern using that red flower
amaryllis fabric to the right of Julep.  I need to re-look 
at that pattern today and make a determination if it
will work.  Until then ... Katie


  1. I like your quilts Katie! and of course Derby knows the best seat in the house!!!- leave it to the Westies for that! I never move my Buddy either- LOL- til he moves- then I get my spot! Gotta love our Westies! I watch Bluebloods too, been a fan since the beginning. Good cast in that show.

  2. Love that Christmas quilt and the backing fabric is so pretty. Good deal on the price too.
    I always called the # a pound sign too. You know you're getting old when they start talking about things and you have absolutely no idea what they mean