Monday, October 24, 2016

I've been a little busy

 I've been busy planting spring bulbs in our three back garden areas.
The weather was perfect so I totally enjoyed myself.
What I still need are tulip bulbs for the flower pots. Lowe's here I come!
 There are a lot of upcoming fundraising auctions to
benefit westie rescue groups.  I'm working on having
 enough quilts to add one to each.  The last quilt
I donated to Westie Rescue Orange County in California
was won by a lady who lives in Hawaii.  If only I
could have fit myself into that box I would be basking
in the Maui sun right now.

 The holiday dog fabric was on sale for $2.99/yard.  Still have a
few scraps leftover so I may try to blend them with something else
to squeeze out another small quilt.
 You know I just didn't feel complete with the small
amount of fabric I purchased on my last trip to Lancaster
... so I did some ordering on-line.  Are you surprised?

 I intended to make a child's quilt using this fabric
for the backing ... Julep will keep it secure until I do.
 Couldn't pass on these batiks for my stash.
 Halloween fabric to put away for next year.
 This will become a pillowcase for next Halloween.
Well, I better go and get some Halloween candy.
We have a few more kids in the neighborhood this year.


  1. The holiday dog fabric is adorable and such a cute quilt. I wish I could be that prepared with gardening but I just don't have a green thumb and the motivation to even

  2. I LOOOOVE that holiday dog fabric! It’s so cute. Good luck with all the preparations for the fundraising. You’re doing awesome thing. Thank you for sharing :)


  3. Your little helpers are just precious and the quilt is pretty! you are so creative!