Sunday, November 13, 2016

Around the House & In the Pond

 I've been so busy getting the house decorated for the holidays,
working in the gardens, sewing here and there and thinking about
what to pack for our New York City Thanksgiving trip.
 I like our pair of bird feeders and so do the neighborhood deer.
Our yard is now on the nightly rounds for food.
A few nights ago Wilson and I watched one very large deer nudge
the bottom of both feeders so it tipped into her mouth.
It was dark or I would have taken a photo.
 Yesterday afternoon I noticed the geese starting to come into
the pond right behind our house.   We have three ponds and the
geese go between them.
 The sun was perfect so I ventured into the yard but apparently
I stepped beyond the comfort zone of the geese.
 It was a very noisy take off and they ended up in one of
the fields beyond the wooded area.
 Our little ginkgo bush will drop all the leaves soon.  We have another
ginkgo bush in the smaller garden and one regular ginkgo tree that
was just planted next to the cherry tree.
 The tradition of the silver bells lives on and each year
I pull out the silver polish and give them a good cleaning.
 The three deer among the silver bells I found at a recent
trip to Hobby Lobby.  They have a great selection of everything!
Finally, the two matching chests we ordered in early
summer arrived.  They are on either side of the fireplace.
Now we are searching for a pair of matching lamps.


  1. Nice vignette with the bells, Katie! I would have loved to have seen the smart and crafty deer in your backyard. They like to eat our pansies!

  2. How fun to watch all the wildlife activity in your yard. I can only imagine what the westies think of all those geese