Sunday, November 13, 2016

Xmas Decorations

 I totally give up trying to keep the chair and sofa cushions
nice and neat ... it's a no-win situation with two westies.  To the
right is a hint of our new pre-lite tree.   
 I'm all done with the indoor holiday decorations.  I'll finish
up the outside decorations when we get back from NYC.
 I adore our new pencil tree.
 A close up of the decorations on the pencil tree.
 Checking out what's happing on the street.
 Julep watching TV ... I kid you not!

We lite the fireplace last night for the first time and it
warmed the room perfectly.  It was the best investment.


  1. Your decorations look wonderful. The back of my couch is always smooshed down from Gibbs laying on it.

  2. The decorations look wonderful and....yep, I do the same thingy wiv the cushions although I do like kicking them to the floor as well!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Finlay watches TV and he barks at all the commercials with dogs. There's lots of dog commercials on The Hallmark Channel, BTW....
    I love your pretty tree!!! :) Your pencil tree is perfect for the small corner, too.
    Stanley Steemer is coming today to clean our off-white sofa and chair because the dogs have gotten them so dirty. I'm thinking about buying Matlasse bedspreads to keep on our sectional and a twin one for our fat chair.