Wednesday, November 23, 2016

First Night: New York City

 We arrived at the BWI train station an hour early.  Traffic was moving
along at a brisk speed and we had 'parking karma' and snagged
a great spot in the train station garage.  Wilson took our tickets
and went up to the counter and asked if we could get on the next
train and for an extra $10 we could.  That brought us into 
Penn Station an hour early.  It didn't take us but a minute to grab
a cab and off we went to the Sofitel Hotel on West 44th Street.
At the hotel we asked the nice young lady at the check-in desk
if we could upgrade our room.  At first she didn't think so but
she took the initiative to move a few other guests around thus
landing us in this one bedroom suite.  There was a slight extra
charge per night but who cares - we have space! 
 The photo [above] is the living room.  This photo [of course]
is the king size bedroom with sitting area and extra TV.
 A nice closet/storage area.
 The master bathroom.  I'm not stepping on that scale!
 Once we settled into the hotel and unpacked I pulled
out my iPhone and went to the Open Table app.  We both
agreed on steak for dinner and Open Table suggested the
Strip House which was on the same block as our hotel.
I booked the reservation and off we went.  The photo's
are not great because I used by iPhone without a flash.
 Two very nice glasses of red wine.
 The Bread Basket
The bread was worth every single calorie.
 Wilson's oysters.  He ordered three west coast and three
east coast oysters for a little variety.
 Wagyu Beef
'WA' means Japanese and 'GYU' means cow.
Wagyu or Japanese beef cattle is any of several breeds of cattle,
the most desired of which is genetically predisposed to intense
marbling.   The meat from such wagyu cattle is known
for its quality, and commands a high price.  Yes, it was
very expensive & not something I would order again
but it was excellent.
 Wilson ordered a bone-in rib eye
 The two sides
Now going back to the name ... The Strip House
After dinner I happen to take a close look at my napkin
and had to laugh.  The napkin happened to match the 
wallpaper.  Decorating the wall were pictures of old
time strippers.
Today we'll be walking around with the millions of other
folks in the City for Thanksgiving.  I found several outdoor Christmas
markets similar to the ones in Germany.  I want to hit at least one
today while the weather is still clear and sunny.

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