Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New York: Wednesday

 The weather today was perfect so we did a lot of walking.  
According to my Fitbit watch we walked 7,593 steps 
which equals 3.21 miles.  Here is a photo of the Chrysler 
Building taken from the entrance to Bryant Park and the
beginning of the Christmas market.
 Getting the camera ready.

 Walking through Bryant Park and looking at all the vendors
participating in the Christmas market was fun.  I didn't
buy anything but saw a lot of things I could of.
 The carousel in Bryant Park.  Wilson wanted to buy me a
ticket for a ride but I graciously declined.
 Sak's 5th Avenue - decorated and lit.
 Both doors to the entrance to Sak's was decorated in
a candy theme.

 We may or may not walk back tonight to take photo's of the
lights at Sak's.  We did see them from a distance last night.
 Rock Center & the Angels.
 The Angels are a staple here every year.

 The famous Christmas tree in Rock Center is still
being decorated with lights.  I was surprised that we could still 
move around the upper deck of the ice skating rink
 but I'm betting tonight this area will be packed solid with tourist.

 The sun was in the wrong place to get good pictures
of the Sak's windows but at least you can get a general idea.

 How I loved this dress.  The fabric was interesting
and I told Wilson he was lucky it doesn't come in my size.
 We briefly popped into Sak's to take this photo.  The entire
first floor ceiling is decorated like this which makes you
feel you are walking through a very expensive forest.
 The photo's don't do the decorations justice.  Since we were in
the fragrance section I was handed 5 sample cards sprayed
with some of the newest perfumes ... so I stuffed them inside
my coat pocket which smells really good.
 We had a late lunch at Del Fresco's which is sorta directly
across from Radio City.  We've been there several times
before but for dinner.  Lunch was excellent and we would go back.
 The locus trees still have some leaves which makes
the area seem fairy-like.
 The traditional red Xmas balls are always in this spot
which is right across from Radio City.
We walked back to our hotel via Time Square.
It was starting to get packed with tourists and
police were visible at every turn.   We wouldn't 
go back thru there - once per visit is enough. 


  1. Katie- thank you for sharing all those wonderful photos of NYC! I so enjoyed looking at them! I love the windows at Saks! WOW! Went to NYC once in the hot summer and enjoyed it but it was enough for me. Its' huge! It's ok for me to be an armchair traveler in NYC looking at your lovely photos!!!!! I can only imagine how crowded it is at holiday time.

  2. Welcome to the city!!! Have so much fun and enjoy every second. Head downtown to the #1 bar in the world says CNN...The Dead Rabbit! Enjoy.

  3. Thanks for the tour. I've never been to New York City but I can imagine that this time of year it feels a bit magical. Hope you and Wilson have a very happy Thanksgiving

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