Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday: New York City

 Today we headed out walking in the direction of Daisy's school
the Parson's School of Design.   This lead us in front of the NYC Library.
 It's a beautiful building and on our last visit we went inside.

 The sidewalk was not packed with people and the temperature
was a little warm.  We had to unbutton our coats.
 The next stop on our photo walking trip was to see the
windows at Lord & Taylor.  The entire block of L&T was 
made into a canopy of greenery, little squirrels tucked here and there,
and a ton of white lights woven throughout.  It was cool to walk under.
 I a few pictures of L&T's windows.
 A few L&T fashion windows.

 Next stop was Macy's ... and welcome to humanity!
This area was a zoo of people and I couldn't wait to
get out of there - seriously.  I went to my Open Table
app on my iPhone and found a place for lunch called
Rocco's Steakhouse.  I had an excellent chicken Cesar 
Salad and Wilson had a roasted pork chop with a side of
mashed potato's and spinach.  
 I felt Macy's windows looked cheap and we skipped the 
JC Penny's windows.   Sak's had the best windows.
 Even though you may think this doesn't look crowded it was.
To the right of the picture was a roped off area with tables,
chairs and very loud music and a ton of people just hanging out.
 Union Square 
I used my iPhone's Google Maps app to navigate us from Macy's
to Rocco's Steakhouse which was an 8 minute walk.  
After lunch it was a 5 minute walk to meet Daisy and Ariel.
 I'm So Short!
Wilson took a 'selfie' of us when we met up with the girls.  
 Sofitel hotel lobby - last night.
 This is one building Daisy has classes in.  There are several others
buildings within a block or two that holds some of her classes as well.
I can tell Daisy loves this city and why not ... she's young,
talented, and full of energy.  As they say - do it while you're young
and the world is your oyster.
This is one large donut! Wilson & I couldn't finish it 
while we sipping on coffee waiting for Daisy to meet us. 

This morning I came up with the idea we should take Daisy
to her favorite art store so she could get needed art supplies.
 Her birthday is Christmas Eve so it's her early b'day gift.
She was beyond appreciative because art supplies are very expensive.
 Daisy picked two super-thin brushes, a pad of excellent quality paper,
some super-thin pens for detailed work, an a bunch of tubed paints
of some kind.  We gave her a very generous limit and what she didn't
 spend today we gave her the balance in a gift card.  
One more day to go in NYC and have to say I'm ready to
go home.  We haven't shopped in the department stores
due to the crowds and I doubt if we will go on Saturday.  
Today's Fitbit Step report is: 
8,149 steps = 3.44 miles
[and my legs feel it]


  1. As wonderful as all of this looks and as much as I enjoy seeing your pictures, I would go crazy living in a place like that. I prefer the country and no crowds

  2. I bet there are some amazing art supply stores in NYC. Williamsburg paints are made there, too!!!

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