Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Last Night: New York

 Our last night in New York City we met up with Daisy {in
the baseball cap} and Ariel.  Daisy picked a Mexican restaurant
within walking distance of our hotel which I was able to
secure a reservation using Open Table.  The place was packed
and a little loud [for us] but the food was good.
 During our entire time in NYC we saw one other person
walking around with a camera around his neck.  It's amazing how
everyone is using the camera in their cell phones.  By the way, 
these [photo's] were taken using my iPhone.
Walking back to the Sofitel after our last dinner this
building was lit in blue lights.
In Summary
Overall I can say we had an enjoyable trip.  
Wilson & I met a Facebook friend [of mine] for drinks the
last night ... we walked everyplace and my Fitbit was
happy with the steps it counted ... never had to wait for a
 taxi [which is unheard of] ... the train station on Sunday 
was not crowded and since we had business class seats we
had Red Cap service down to the train before others boarded
... the ride home to the eastern shore was uneventful.  
Now to get back on-track for the holidays.
Writing cards, doing a little Christmas shopping, and
baking cookies are on the 'to do' list so far.


  1. So happy you enjoyed your trip. I enjoyed seeing the photos!

  2. Glad you had a good trip. Using cell phones to take pictures is definitely more convenient but for good pictures I prefer a regular camera

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