Saturday, November 19, 2016

Around The House

Photo taken with a flash. 
Last night I flicked the switch and decided to put on the lights
of the pencil tree in the  front hall.  This is such an adorable little
tree I want another one for the dining room [when they go
on sale after the holidays].
 Photo taken without a flash.
Which do you like better?
 The beginning of my new collection of bristle brush trees.
 We haven't hit the lights on the living room tree but
it's wired and ready to go.
Did I show you this finished quilt?  It's already in it's
 forever home in Bishopsville, Maryland.

 This is finished as well.  

 Simple blocks with nice fabric.

 Today I made a table runner for the glass table by my ironing board.
 With leftover fabric from the quilt [above] I made two
table runners that I'll gift to someone during the holiday season.
 This is the jelly roll fabric I found during my last trip to
Lancaster, PA with Debby.  Still working on the three
strips and hopefully I'll have the top done by the time
we leave on vacation.
 Derby fixed his blanket more to his liking.
Using up leftovers this little quilt will be going to a 
5 year old little girl as a holiday surprise.


  1. Both are nice pictures of your tree but I think I like the one without the flash better.
    All your quilts look great. I should pull out some Christmas fabric I have and make a couple table runners.

  2. Wowwww, your house looks so festive!!! Love all your decorations and the trees. And awesome job with the quilts. Seems like the pups are enjoying them as well hehe.
    Very cute pictures, thank you for sharing with us!

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. That Derby is the cutest little dude! Seriously I think he's the best looking little Westie boy I've ever seen. Mustang Sally is the cutest little gal, I tell ya!

    LOVE the Christmas decor, especially the bottle brush trees.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!