Thursday, December 1, 2016


 Katie Wyatt, Fabricologist
Has a nice ring to it ... doesn't it!
 Here is the fabric I ordered from 5 Bucks a Yard.  I do need to 
mention that they sell fabric below $5 as well.  I was very
impressed with the cutting, folding, and packing of the fabric.
The quality was excellent ... so overall I'm a happy fabric camper
and it would be a very safe bet that I'll order from them again.
 Love the vintage truck fabric.

 This is a Jane Sassman design.  She did a presentation at our
guild several years ago and she is a local Marylander.  If you don't
like big, bright and bold then her fabric line is not for you.
 Christmas this year or next ... I'm not sure but
in any event I'll be ready.
Well, that's it for today.  I'm now waiting for my other
Cyber Monday fabric order from Hancock and today
I took advantage of a great price from JoAnn's on a
roll of cotton batting - more than half off and free
shipping on top of that ... I wouldn't have slept tonight
if I didn't take advantage of a sale like this one.

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  1. You should have cards printed using
    Great looking fabrics and that deal on the batting is certainly one that couldn't have been passed up