Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's Good To Be Home

Julep & Derby 7 Years Ago
One of my favorite photo's from Facebook Memories that
came up on my Newsfeed.
 I was extremely busy yesterday catching up on various
activities like writing Christmas cards, doing laundry,
ironing and packing up auction items I donated to Westie
Rescue New York's Facebook auction.  Then it was off to
the post office to stand in-line.  Various other odds and
ends were also completed so it was a very productive day.  
 This quilt was finished and sent to it's forever home before we 
left for NYC.  It went to Betty who owns Ming - Julep and Derby's mom.
It's made from the Moda Jelly Roll fabric I got in Lancaster.
The back fabric is a lovely paisley outlined in gold.
Today I should be getting a big box of Black Friday sale
fabric from 5 Bucks A Yard.  This is my first order from 
them so we'll see how it's goes.  I also ordered on Cyber Monday
sale fabric from one of my favorite on-line stores called
Hancock of Paducah ... so the warning is it out ... you
will be seeing a lot of fabric in a future post. 

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  1. You did good getting things done. I probably would have been totally lazy after returning from a trip. I bet Julep and Derby were happy to have you home