Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New Year's Eve-Eve

The new pencil tree. 
We hope you had a nice Christmas with family
and friends.  We certainly did.  I wanted to show
you our new pencil pre-lite tree that I found
at Michael's craft store on sale for $44.00.
It was a real bargain compared to the one I
purchased on-line during the summer for the
exact same size and shape.
 This year we are hosting our first New Year's
Eve-Eve party.  That's Friday, December 30th which
frees up folks to celebrate the 31st in whatever their
traditional way to celebrate is.  We are having a few neighbors
 over for cocktail and an array of food.
 I'm starting to set and arrange the dining room table for
the food and silverware, etc.   We will convert our everyday table
in the breakfast room for the bar.  Right now I'm re-washing
all the wine glasses to be sure they are sparkling clean.
 The color theme is red and gold and the party invitations
I sent out were gold and cream.
 I still have some grocery shopping as well as a lot of 
various other work to do to get ready.
... As we count down to New Year's Eve-Eve ...


  1. All your decorations look AMAZING!!! You did such a great job!!! I'm sure you are going to have the best New Year's party!!!!!

  2. What a great price for that tree.
    Sounds like you'll be busy getting ready for your party.

  3. Everything looks so pretty for your party. Enjoy!!! Happy New Year!!!