Friday, December 23, 2016

Watching TV & Baking Cookies, Etc.

 I turned the TV on and found a show [I thought] would capture
the westies attention while I was busy baking in the kitchen.
There was a lot of barking-interest going on.
 Even Derby enjoyed watching the nature show.
 The fur-kids.
Orange Cranberry Chocolate Cookies
 I've been busy baking a lot of cookies this holiday season.  
The freezer in the garage is getting pretty full between dog
food, steaks, and cookies.  I'm glad we decided on the
larger of the two freezers from Lowe's.
This recipe was pulled from a magazine many years
 ago and I finally decided to make a batch.   I'm also
happy to report that this is a 'keeper' recipe and the 
taste of the combination of orange, cranberry with a
few chocolate pieces is excellent.

I'll be taking plates of cookies into Baltimore for Xmas
Eve.   I took a small sampling plate to one of our neighbors
and one over to the vet's office yesterday.  
 A surprise in the mail.
When I saw the package in the mailbox from Brooklyn Fabric's
I thought it was something that was on back-order ...
but it wasn't.  What a nice thing to do say now much
your business was appreciated during the year.
 I will write Lisa a short thank you note.
I recently found out that John Hopkin's Children's Hospital
in Baltimore accepts donations of pillowcases and quilts 
plus a few other hand-made items.  There is a list on their website.
I plan to call the person in charge [after the holidays] to find out details.
My plan for the Penny Rose fabric is to donate
a quilt to the Children's Center.


  1. Seeing those two sitting there watching tv is just too funny. Gibbs never even pays any attention to it.
    Those cookies sound really good. You'll have to share the recipe.

  2. Love seeing you precious pups watching the nature show! Those cookies look very good! Merry Christmas to you and yours!