Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I've Been Busy

 Finished the last 3 pillowcases which makes 8 total.
 This lap quilt was requested last year by a group that needs it
as a silent auction item.  Since this photo I added the sides 
and made the binding.  What's left is the quilting. 
 I put together three big block quilt tops which I will
donate to our Guild's Outreach group. 
 This one [and the one below] is made from fabric
I found on the free table at various guild meetings.

 Now in between taking down and packing up Xmas stuff
I started a new quilt top with a Valentine's theme.
 This pattern is called 'Love Notes' and it's a mini version of
the block called 'You've Got Mail'.  You can find both patterns
on the Missouri Star Quilting site under tutorials.  The block
size I'm using is 5-1/2" and it's going to take me time in 
order to get a decent size quilt out of this pattern.
The weather has been pretty nasty with fog rolling in
at night.  The weatherman predicts sun on Wednesday
and maybe a pinch of snow on Thursday evening.  In any
event, I've got plenty to do with Xmas clean-up and sewing.


  1. Happy Wednesday! I love each project that you've shared, especially the Westie lap quilt. I'm going to have to go on to Missouri and find that pattern for Valentines day. I still have a quilt that I need to sandwich and start hand quilting, from a class I took by Rob Appell. I always love seeing your pups on your quilts. It's snowing here today(as it was yesterday)and we are supposed to get 8-12", think I prefer snow to fog. Good weather for sewing.

  2. You have been busy. Everything lòoks great though.

  3. Where did you find the Westie fabric. It is beautiful!