Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bird Boy!

 Before I explain the title of today's post I want to go
through a few pictures.  This is the view out my sewing
room window yesterday {Saturday}.  We had a nice 
little snow storm and I was snug in my sewing room 
working on Valentine's Day projects.
 This house which is located at the corner of our street was
turned over to the bank and is now in the state of
being auctioned off.  The starting price listed by the
auction company is $200,000.  We are thinking that this
may be the balance on the loan.  It's a pity yet a real steal
for anyone looking.  I wish we had the cash to buy it 
because there is always a need for rental homes in
St. Michaels especially in the summer months.
 I finished the Mini Love Notes top now it's ready
to be finished.  I added sashing strips between the blocks
since I didn't them sitting next to each other.  This way
they are more defined and actually look like open envelops.
 With the left-over 5-1/2" blocks I started a simple layout
until the westies came running through.
 Re-arranged and quickly sewed ... this sits with the 
Love Notes quilt waiting to be finished.

 Now to explain Bird Boy {aka Derby}.  While I was upstairs working
Julep was with me.  Everyplace I walked she walked.
How unusual for her to do that - yet Derby was no place to be
found.  I think Julep was trying to tell me something. 
So when I finally came down stairs I found Derby sitting by
the front door and just thought he was watching the 'hood -
that is until I walked by the living room and found this
collection of feathers on the carpet. 
 Today I'm still finding feathers all over the downstairs.  Under the
table, stuck to the flaps on the doggie door, under the grooming
table, under the coffee table and the hall way.  There was still
part of the bird on the deck so I picked the remains and
tossed them into the yard.  There are still feathers all over
the screened in porch and I'm not going out to finish
cleaning up until the weather warms.
 Now I don't mean to gross you out ... but is this the look
of a guilty Derby or a Derby that was pretty darn pleased with
himself?  I did give him 1/2 of a Pepcid just in case.
Now our westies have always been fed a raw diet so
technically the birdie could be classified as part of 
a raw diet ... right?


  1. I think it is just natural that a bird is considered a raw diet by a dog-after all he killed it and ate it raw. At least he didn't bring the circus into the house-that would have been gross. Glad you just found feathers; maybe he wants a down bed. I just ordered the book You've got mail yesterday-should be fun to get and hopefully work on before Valentine's day.

  2. I couldn't help laughing when I saw Derby's picture. I think he looks very pleased with himself.