Monday, January 9, 2017

Reflecting Back on a Bozman Winter

 We took some nice pictures while in Bozman.  I managed to
save a few from my old computer before it went to
computer heaven a few years ago.
 When it snowed in Bozman we couldn't get out until
someone plowed out our long driveway.  
 In Bozman we had sunrises and now in St. Michaels we
have sunsets.  I prefer sunsets since I'm not a morning person.

 Leadenham Creek

 Bluebirds on the pool cover.
 I don't miss all the Bozman yard work but do miss the 
great variety of plants we had.  We are being very 
careful in our gardening selections in St. Michaels.

 Ice on dock piling.

Well that's it for today's brief walk down the Bozman
memory lane.  Stay warm.


  1. Beautiful sunrises. It sure was pretty there

  2. Beautiful photos! In May we are going up to Custer and Rapid City for a few days to see the sights; I also want to hit Montana, but it won't be this trip.
    Wanted to share that when I went onto Missouri Star I looked for the free pattern and it just brought up the one for sale. Oh well. I'm sure I'll get lots of use out of it; maybe there are more patterns in it. I thought about calling them and finding out if I could send it back, but decided against it.
    Thanks for sharing. Love your new background.
    Stay warm.

  3. What pretty photos! I enjoyed the walk down memory lane. I'll be posting photos of Shelley's dorm room later on this weekend. Don't you want to know which pillowcase she has on her bed? ;P