Friday, February 17, 2017


 The weather was really nice today so I loaded up the westies
in the back of the SUV and took them into St. Michaels
for a nice walk around the park and harbor area.  From
there I had a few things to do in Easton and decided to just
take the westies with me instead of dropping them off home.
After we got home and before I unpacked the car I took them
for a walk about the 'hood.  They had a short nap before
it was time to eat dinner.

I know it's hard to see but the landscaper who is in charge of
all the fields in the development came by and mowed
all the tall grasses that came between our property and the
gravel walkway.  I love the openness and am researching how to 
plant wildflowers which is a tad more work than I originally anticipated. 
 I saw this kit in the Missouri Star Quilt Company
catalog and decided I wanted to make it ... so instead of
buying the kit I went to You Tube and found the video.
 Here is the my version of the pattern from above.
I'll be sewing the block together this weekend.
This is another simple lap quilt that I pulled together from 
my scrap box of blocks.  I'll give to Chris for her to pass on to 
Outreach to finish next time I see her.  

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  1. It's supposed to be nice here today so I'm hoping to get out and do some walking.
    Good job finding that pattern online. I love being able to find patterns and directions online instead of buying