Saturday, February 18, 2017

What We've Done In Two Years!

 Thanks to Facebook's Memory Page I just realized what we've
accomplished in just two short years.

... This is it in a nutshell ...

Put our Bozman home up for sale.  We built this home
after the fire [another story] and while we both were
working full time in the Washington, DC area.

Sold our home and packed up the house, Wilson's office
and workshop [which was separate from the house] and packed
the 2 car garage with additional storage area.  Made many trips to
donate things to our local thrift shop.

Went to settlement on Bozman and moved into a rental home 
in Back Creek Landing this time in 2015.

Unpacked and got the rental all set up.

Contacted several builders and purchased a lot on
Riverview Terrace with all intentions of building.

Found the builder and started working on house plans.

To make a long story short we started to look at homes
within Talbot County and our real estate agent at the
time noticed a foreclosure about 100 yards from
our rental.  Who could have ever guessed this one.

Made an offer on said foreclosure got the house and then 
started renovating the inside and working on the plans for
the addition on the back addition.  

Packed up and moved once again.

Through all of this we keep our sanity and we're still married!
 Last snow in Bozman.  We were married under the arch
by the water on June 14th.
A frozen Leadenham Creek.

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  1. I think all that moving in 2 years time would have put me over the edge.