Saturday, March 25, 2017

Finished Quilts

 Finally the taxes are at the accountant and that's a big
relief until we get the prepared returns.  But in any
event I made it back up to my sewing room yesterday
and finished pressing the stack of quilts I had sitting
on the floor.   This is the one that was requested for a
birthday gift.  It was a kit from Hancock of Paducah
should anyone be interested in making one.
 The back fabric didn't come with the quilt but I did
find [what I feel] was a perfect fabric on sale 
also through Hancock of Paducah.
 This is Savannah's Easter quilt.  The pattern was
taken from Jenny of Missouri Star Quilts.  It's easy.
 Savannah is into bunnies this year.
 These I made because I wanted to work with this
grouping of fabrics.  More than likely they will
be put into some rescue auction during the year.

 Same with this one ... don't have a home yet and
will probably land up in an auction or maybe even
a give-a-way I occasionally have on Facebook.

 This quilt is made using the same pattern I
used for Savannah's Easter quilt.
Next project is to make a few American Girl
outfits to send with Savannah's Easter quilt.

1 comment:

  1. That flag quilt is fabulous. I like the others too. I bet Savannah will love her Easter quilt.