Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring American Girl Clothing

The Bento Box 
As I mentioned in the past I receive a lot of e-mails on 
 new fabric lines, fabric on sale and [of course] things to make 
with all that fabric.  The Bento Box happened to catch my eye
 one morning while sipping coffee.  To be honest I had no
idea what a Bento Box was [and had to ask myself was
I living under a rock all these years].  The name itself
called me to download the pattern and instructions 
and to [well] make one.  I did eliminated the draw string 
fabric closure from the top of the bag. 
The history of the Bento Box:
 I haven't made American Girl doll clothing for a very
long time and had fun sewing these but I must confess
I like making simple lap quilts better.

 All these are for sweet Savannah as a little
Easter gift from me.

 I managed to squeeze all the clothing into the Bento.

 That's it for today so have a good one.

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  1. I must be under the same rock because I've never heard of a Bento Box. It's cute. Someone is going to be a very happy girl when she opens that up