Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fuzzy Westies & Our New Lamps

Fuzzy Westie #1 
The westies haven't seen the groomer since Christmas.
I've been keeping them tidy with a few snips here,
an ear cleaning there, and various other things they
don't like me to do ... the main one being 'the bath'.
 By the way this is the second quilt I make out of this
grouping of fabrics.  It's sewn together
and waiting for me to add the border fabrics.
 Fuzzy Westie #2
As of this afternoon the fuzzy westies are no more.
I'll post photo's tomorrow of two nicely groomed westies.
Wilson and I have been searching for just the right lamps
for a few months and finally found the two we
love.  Now the living room is complete.

1 comment:

  1. Considering how scruffy Duke used to get, Julep and Derby look perfect in their fuzzy
    I like those lamps. I hate the lamps I have in my living room and need to find something different