Wednesday, March 1, 2017

 This pencil sketch of Derby popped up on my Facebook
Memories today.  It was made with a free photo editing apps.
 I've been looking for pins that have numbers on them with
no luck at all.  When I lay out a quilt on the floor I like to
pick it up before the westies have a chance to run through it. 
You all have seen pictures in the past of their indiscretions.
While in Hobby Lobby last week I found these clothes pins
near the check-out counter and I thought these would 
work nicely instead of numbers.
This quilt and the one below are headed to Chris for 
Outreach to finish up and donate to a good cause.  
The clothes pin clips work nicely in keeping
the rows in perfect order until I get around to sewing
the rows together.  Also this makes a total of eleven {11}
tops that will be going to Chris this month ... I'm hoping
to make one more top to make it an even dozen.
Note to Chris:  You can say stop any time  


  1. I like the pencil sketvh of Derby. Good ideawith those clothespins

  2. Go to Amazon and key in quilters numbered pins and they have some to choose