Thursday, March 2, 2017

41 X 100 = 4,100

 Yesterday I read the current issue of the Bayside Quilters 
newsletter and spotted the call for donations for the
bi-annual quilt show in June.   It's an amazing event that takes
a lot of volunteers who go above and beyond dedication
to make this event a success.  Now within the quilt show there is a
boutique selling things made by guild members.  But one
of the hot items for sale is fabric [go figure].  This is when
my light bulb came on ... I have tons of blocks cut from fabric
leftover from various projects ... so I pulled out the overflowing
box of blocks and started to sort.
 I'm ready to help you count blocks Mommy Katie.
 If you take a look at the first picture you will see a set of
multi-colored plastic boxes.  I needed more storage
space for blocks but with donating these to the Guild
that eliminates my problem and helps the Guild all
at the same time.  A win-win all around.  
 It took more hours that I thought to go through all these
blocks.  Notice my little helper sleeping on the job.
Approximate hours of work today = 10+ 
[I'm not kidding!]
 41 bundles x 100 squares = 4,100 squares I've counted,
sorted to some degree, and checked to be sure all
were in good shape for the person buying them.
I still have a stack of 2-1/2" blocks on the floor and 3 more
boxes of pre-cut squared in various sizes which I will go
also bundle up and donate.  I hope these sell well
and bring in a few bucks to the Guild.


  1. You are such a kind soul...and more than generous! You worked so hard! I love how you stacked all the little fabric squares. Look at that face...that Derby is the sweetest of all! I just love him!!!

  2. Wow that's a lot of blocks. I bet thet will sell well.