Tuesday, March 14, 2017


 You know when you see a commercial so much on TV you
sorta get brainwashed by what they are selling.  Every time
I would see the Ancestry DNA commercial I would say to Wilson
 I know exactly what I am ... 1/2 Polish and 1/2 Lithuanian.
Now after talking with my Mom last night I might have a
splash of German in me.  We'll see what the DNA results
are in approximately 8 weeks - so stay tuned.

 Trying to work through my stack of unfinished projects
that's been overly neglected since my dental surgery.
The Easter pillowcase will go with the bunny quilt posted
below.  It's the lime green/cream one in the middle back.
I'll be working on finishing these as well as taxes over the next
few days.  Should I dare say I have the fabric pulled and the
pattern picked out for my next quilting adventure.


  1. I see that commercial all the time.

  2. Lee did the DNA test a year ago at Christmas time. She is one of a small percentage that is not mixed with a lot of regions. She has been working on her family tree ~ three times DAR women. One side she is back to 1602 Skelton Parish York. Another side born here in America on November 24, 1650 in Braintree Mass. Only her maternal grandfather sides is giving her problems and if she had the money would hire a professional. Her grandfather's father came from the Alsace-Lorraine when he was one year old. The area of France which when the family left was in German hands.
    Sweet William The Scot