Saturday, March 11, 2017

Just Call Me Chipmunk Cheek

 Well, I survived the dental procedure yesterday and today
my right cheek is swollen.  You can call me chipmunk cheek.
It will be a day with ice packs, laying on the sofa and
taking pain meds.  Hopefully, I'll feel better on Sunday
to finish a quilt top I started.
In case you're wondering the difference between a 
ground squirrel and chipmunk here's your answer: 

Ground squirrels and chipmunks look so similar that they’re 
often confused with each other–or, at least, 
they’re both called chipmunks. You can tell the difference 
between the two mostly by their size (chipmunks are smaller) 
and by the markings on their heads: 
chipmunks have stripes across their faces, 
while ground squirrels have no stripes, 
only white circles around their eyes. 


  1. I hope you feel much better tomorrow, Katie. I didn't know the difference between ground squirrels and chipmunks! Good information to know!