Monday, April 17, 2017

Around The Backyard

 I planted tulips in two pots to keep them away
from the rabbits.
 These are spectacular and I have to admit I don't
remember them looking like this on the package.

 The second cherry tree is blooming now.

 This is the new bed we had put in last year.  Our landscaper
will add a layer of mulch this week.  Look closely and you
will see a goose taking a rest in the middle.  We aim to keep
our wildlife happy and healthy here in our little backyard.
 I remember speckle neck from last year.
 The westies are sorta use to seeing the geese and ducks
waddle through the yard.
 Mommy goose is sitting on her nest.
 I was a second late in getting the eagle sitting on the
branch.  I'm not sure what he saw but he was going
for it in the photo below.
? Fish for dinner ?
 Biking around the path ... the boys must have been
visiting over the Easter holiday.  It is amazing how many
people use the walking paths around the ponds.
Wilson and I keep talking about walking the trail back
to the water but haven't yet ... but then again spring
has just started so there is hope for us yet.