Thursday, April 20, 2017


 I finally decided on how I want to separate the blocks
so stay tuned!
These little things are fun to make for Outreach.  I made them
before and at the last guild meeting I picked up 2 packages that
Outreach already had made up with all the materials
inside.  This made a total of 4.  See the last photo of those.
 I got hooked making these and just couldn't stop.
I pulled some fabric from my stash [that's why it's
important to have said 'stash'] and went into my
ribbon collection and begin to cut and sew.
 Total made = 15
Most are 12"x12" but there are a few smaller ones
as well.  I'm guessing these are like tiny blankies to babies.
 I hope Chris can use all these because once they leave my
sewing room I'm not taking them back.
This is the 4 that started the Taggies-Lovies sewing frenzy.
Note to Chris:  it would be helpful to have some
of the sewn by Bayside Quilters tags to keep on hand.

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  1. Well atent those sweet. I dont remember having anything like that when my two were babies