Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fabric Finds

 Hello, my name is Katie and I've been buying fabric
for 6 days.  While the husband has been away I've
been hunting for fabric deals on line.  
 While I do enjoy all the e-mails I receive with various projects
and sales I also belong to several Facebook quilting groups.
These ladies know a lot and some of the quilts are out of this
world ... but in saying that these ladies also share info
on fabric sales.  While lurking in one of the group
a few days ago I spotted a post that read JoAnn's has a 
coupon for 75% off fat quarter bundles.  She showed her
mounds of fabric bundles and I immediately had to find the
coupon.  As you can see I did, I went, and I bought.  Now this isn't
the best quality fabric but it is perfect to try out new
patterns for quilts to donate to Outreach.  I started one late last night
which I'll post tomorrow once I get it sewn together.  
 The latest on-line purchases.

 I already used the cherry fabric for the border of a quilt
I finished last night.

 Additional temptation - they put in a catalog.  I have to say
Hancock's of Paducah has almost an immediate turn-around
on orders.  With free shipping [Fed-X] and no tax that's a deal.
 One of the fabrics in this collection is on back order.
 I finished making up the train quilt also last night.  It was
pretty simple with just one border all around.  Picture tomorrow.
 I love everything about this fabric and I may need
to hold on to it for some time before I cut it.

I still have a two orders of fabric that I'm waiting for.  One
is from a place called Marshall's Dry Goods someplace
out west.  Their website [at least for me] was extremely slow
and painful which took me over 2 hours to go through the
sale fabric.   I doubt if I will place an order through them again.  
For the rest of the day I'll be doing a little laundry and
general cleaning with some sewing tossed in for fun.
Wilson gets home on Saturday late afternoon.  When we talked
last night for a few minutes [the cell connection at
Bryce was awful] he mentioned he only took a few hundred
photo's.  Today they are driving about 2 hours to
Mt. Zion National Park and tomorrow they should
be in Salt Lake City.  He's ready to come home.


  1. Hi Katie, Love all your fabrics! I have bought Fat Quarters at Joann's and found out that they weren't truly fat quarters-so keeping my fingers crossed that yours are. It's cold and raining here today, so I'll head downstairs soon.
    Happy Sewing.

  2. 75% off is quite a deal. Sounds like you've haf fun fabric shopping