Friday, April 28, 2017

Quilts: Completed {Finally!}

 I've been slowly finishing up the mound of quilt tops
I had stacked up on my 'to finish' table.  Still two tops
remain which I hope to have done by this weekend.
This was a simple pattern that I decided to try.   
It's a nice one to use those jelly roll strips.
I like the fabric/colors in this quilt. I took creative liberties
 with the layout on this top by adding a sashing between
the blocks.  This makes all the difference in the world
between what I did and what the designer called for.
In other words the designer's idea was pretty boring.

Panels are so simple to complete so I did a little
something extra for the back [see below].
Little boys love trains and this quilt should be arriving
at it's destination today.
 This went with the train quilt.
 Another one of the kits I purchased on line.  Here
again the designer had all the blocks stacked together
which I didn't like so I made a block to separate them.
Well, that's it for today.  I will continue cleaning the house
and completing 4 more of the go-green grocery tote bags
for the guild.  I need to sew a few more rows together on
an Outreach quilt from the bundles of fabric purchased
from JoAnn's.  This is a new pattern I'm trying out which
I like so I will start another one for Outreach as well.
Will post all this tomorrow.

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  1. Tso many great looking quilts. Love the train one, so cute