Wednesday, April 26, 2017

From Out West to Right Here at Home

 The other side of the Grand Canyon.
Wilson and his son {Wilson} are doing a little road/photography
trip.  They left from Scottsdale on Monday morning and are
driving up to Salt Lake City.  When you look at a map
it's a direct straight line as the crow flies.  
 I haven't seen many photo's but here are the few Wilson sent.  
If I know my husband he will take hundreds along the way.
 Wilson's favorite dessert - apple pie with a nice mound of
vanilla ice cream.  Just noticed two forks so he must
be splitting that with the son.
 An original hand carved totem pole.
... Now to the Important Stuff ...
 While I miss the husband I've been spending endless hours in
my sewing room.  My latest project is a roll-up grocery/
tote bag.  This happens to be one of those early morning
coffee drinking patterns I came across.
 I love these because they roll-up to a nice size which
don't take up much room in my purse.  
 Our guild is having a quilt show as well as a boutique set-up
with all hand-made goodies made by members.  This roll-up
material was provided by the guild and it's actually the first
one I made.  Since I already downloaded the pattern all
I took was the fabric.  Will turn this in next month.
 Jane Sassman fabric.  I know Jane's style a million miles away.
When I ordered this fabric I didn't have a clue what I was
going to use it for.  This happens to be one of my 
favorite prints so I'm keeping one for myself.  
 These [as well as the one below] will be donated to the guild
for sale in the boutique.  If you haven't guessed this is more
of Jane's design work.
While this looks like a pretty simple pattern [which it actually is]
the amount of time to make a bag is a lot.  It took me two solid
days of sewing to produce the bags you see here.  I pretty
much followed the instructions but did make a few minor
changes like using a heavier weight fabric for the lining
around the handles and top of the bag.  In the end I glued down
a portion of the lining with stitch witchery to hold it in place.
I also felt the white piece of elastic deterred from the
 nice look of the bag especially when you're using
 really nice fabric.  So while I was in JoAnn's yesterday 
[you'll here more about that adventure in the next post] 
I came across colored elastic.   Amazing how a simple 
change can make or break if something looks 
cheap or put together.  Hope these sell well for the guild.

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