Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It Was My Birthday ... Yesterday

 Yesterday was my birthday and my Facebook page was
flooded with wishes for a happy birthday.  Between posts
on my page, private FB e-mails and my personal e-mails I
was topping over 500 wishes.  Holy smokes ... that's a lot of them!
 I pulled just a few of my favorite photo's folks sent me
on Facebook.  While they are all adorable this one is the
one I like the best.

 A b'day gift from Wilson.  I really like the style as well
as the chain which is a rose-gold color.  We also went to Ava's
so I could have birthday pizza.  I don't say this often
about Ava's but that pizza was not great.  
Practice Bunny
Downloaded the pattern from the web and I was playing with
it yesterday.  It's pretty tough to sew around all those tiny turns
and get it perfect.  Next time I make it I'm going to top stitch
around the outside prior to stuffing to see how that one looks.
Tonight since the weather is so great we're going to try
out the new Lighthouse restaurant with neighbors.