Saturday, April 8, 2017

From The Sewing Room + A Few Surprises

 Julep and I are still debating on what color to use between
the boat blocks.  I'm thinking the Kona blue is a little drab.
Maybe a lighter color with a little texture in the design
would work the best ... we will see.
 Julep has given up with trying to help me pick out another
fabric for this quilt top.
 Surprise #1
This adorable framed westie and the flower over to the
left was send to me by Ann at
If you go to Ann's Friday's post you can read the description of how
this project all came together.  Ann is a very talented craft person
as well as baker and we've been blog friends for years.  
Thanks Ann for sending me a piece your
artwork.  It is sitting on my desk in my sewing room.
 The fish lip quilt is now complete.  I love the
bright and happy colors and feel it will
be perfect for a little girls room.
 The back fabric is just as bright as the front.
 Pick-up trucks and stars pillowcase.
 I read in the latest Bayside Quilter's monthly newsletter
that Outreach is in need of patriotic quilts to pass on
to veteran's.  I made this to take to Wednesday's meeting.
  This was the only fabric I had that would work so I had to pull
another neutral fabric to use with it.  I also made
the binding which is enough to bind [probably] 3 quilts.
All coming to you {Chris} on Wednesday.
 This is the kit that Derby started to rip open.  While I like
the block and the fabric color combination I feel the fabric 
could have been of better quality - it's a little thin.  
 Surprise #2
This flower delivery was a total surprise.
The note enclosed was a thank you from Savannah for
 all the American Girl doll clothing I sent her.  How sweet.
I want to take some photo's of what's in bloom in
our yard when the weather warms up ... so stay tuned.


  1. It was my pleasure sending that to you. Those flowers are so pretty. Of course your quilts look great as always. You do such nice work