Friday, April 7, 2017

You Never Know What Will Come Out Of My Sewing Room Next

 I started on the sail boat quilt kit which didn't take me
long to finish the blocks.  Now I'm playing with how
I want the blocks set [see below].
 The designer has all the blocks butted together but
I'm not crazy about that so I'm trying to decide
on a sashing between the blocks.
Derby checking something out in my pattern box.
 I guess there wasn't anything of interest in my pattern box so Derby
then moved the fabric on the shelf.  I hear a strange sound coming from
 the floor and low and behold Derby pulled this kit off the shelf and
started to rip the plastic.  How very strange ... I guess
he wants me to work on this one next.  By the way ... I still
haven't made the reusable grocery bag but have the pattern
sitting there as a reminder to give it a try.
 I picked this kit up from Outreach at our last meeting.
It's something called a 'Taggies-Lovies' that babies
really like ... this is a great way to use up all my
small ribbon pieces and flannel.
 Who would have ever thought I would be making
burp cloths!  Once again while drinking my morning
coffee I came across a YouTube video by Jennifer from 
Shabby Fabrics on how to make burp cloths.
 I thought to my self ... self ... this looks pretty darn easy
and it's another great way to use those odd size batting
 and flannel pieces that are taking up room on my shelves.
 So I downloaded the template and started to cut away.  
This pattern takes 2 pieces of fabric which
can be flannel, cotton or anything else that is soft.
Once you sew the three pieces together you then flip them to
right sides out and press.  Now I'm making lines with tape
so I can do some straight stitch quilting.  After that is done you
add top stitching around the perimeter and that's it!
Here are all the finished burp cloths - 8 in total.
I'll be donating most of these to Outreach
if Chris feels she can uses them.

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  1. I like the look of the sail boat quilt. The colors are wonderful. Can't wait to see what you decide on for the sashing