Friday, May 19, 2017

Sewing Room Stuff

I'm re-building my stash of quilts [on-hand]
and this is a bright and fun one for a child.   

Julep testing out a quilt top that will be going to
Outreach.  I'm having a hard time deciding on what
colors should be around the edges -- it needs to be larger.

 On it's way to South Carolina.  I made this
pattern before and decided to take some liberty
with the design.  Instead of plain corner blocks I
created the ones you see here.  

A set of pillowcases went along in the box with the star quilt.
  One side [which is hard to see] is a Scottie dog print.
These are for my FB friend [Jane] who helps me from
time to time handle training questions on my group page.
  Jane is a professional dog trainer and all around great person.
The star quilt is for Jane's friend who just had a baby girl.
 Toddler Bib
Going through my e-mails this morning I came across
this project from Shabby Fabrics.  It's a fat quarter friendly
pattern which is perfect.  I printed the free
pattern, pulled out a selection of fabrics, and hit the
play button on the YouTube video to learn how
to make this.  While it's pretty simple to make I
did make one change which was to delete the additional
 pocket from one side.  It's also designed to be reversible
which is a nice feature.  I didn't have the right
width of bias tape so I used a narrow tape.
This is heading to Chris [for Outreach] in hopes she can
pass it along to someone who needs it.  I will 
give this bib another try with the wider tape
maybe tomorrow.  

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  1. Any kid would love that first one with the bright fun fabric. I like the change you made to the pink one and those toddler bibs are great