Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Making of More Toddler Bibs

 On Saturday I got on a roll of making reversible toddler bibs.
 The first sample bib I made was posted on Friday and the
picture [above] shows what I made on Saturday.  I enjoyed
the process of making these for some reason.  Since the
red fabric is printed with Scotties/Westies I decided to do a 
flash give-a-way on my Facebook group 
amazing the amount of comments I received from members
wanting to have the chance to snag one of these for a
toddler near and dear to them.  All four are now packaged and
ready to be mailed to various parts of the US on Monday.
The remaining bibs will be going to Chris.  She said that 
Early Head Start would love to take them so that's where they
will be going.
The blue fabric is printed with tiny white daisy flowers all
with different colored centers.  It's a simple block and
the fabric is far prettier up close then it is here.  This is
also going to Outreach [with the binding] for someone
else to take it to the next step in the quilting process.  I'm
also on a kick to use my big stack of leftover fabric
pieces from various projects so I'll be working on some
scrappy quilts tops to turn over to Outreach.  

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  1. All your bibs look so cute. There are going to be some toddlers that are really styling in those bibs :)