Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Julep & Around The Garden

 Julep watching me at the ironing board.
 We call her 'The Princess' and what Julep wants - Julep gets.

This is the flower fabric I just wasn't crazy about so I
pulled a few solids from my stash and made this
for Outreach to finish up and pass on to a good home.
 Wilson took this photo of the poppy plant I purchased
from Walmart at the beginning of the season.  I was surprised at 
the selection plants in the garden section as well as the good prices.  
We did figure out what type of bird this is - but I forgot.
 Red wing blackbirds own this birdbath.  Some days I
change the water twice a day because it gets so dirty.
 Lupin ... another find a Walmart.
Coral Bells
I really like the variety of coral bell plants we have in our
front garden.  The color and shape of the leaves are very
interesting and I'm also glad the rabbits left these alone.


  1. The bird is a Killdeer~we have them here in Colorado. They lay eggs in rocks and then whenever anything comes near the eggs, they run in the opposite direction. They also have a distinct call. Love seeing Julep lounging around. Beautiful flowers.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. The bird looks like a kildeer to me. Love all the flowers