Thursday, June 8, 2017

Around The Old Sewing Room

 Around the old sewing room is my old girl Julep.
She became a senior at the age of 7 and turned 9 in April.
I did something different with the center of this star quilt.
I added rick rack I had leftover from various other projects.  
 Since Julep was impeding my progress in getting the star
quilt done I finished up this one and the one below which will be 
going to Outreach at the next meeting.
 I think I got 3 quilts out of the flower print fabric.  With the
 leftover blocks I added a top and bottom border to this one.
 My order arrived from Marshall's Dry Goods.  Their website
still drives me crazy because it's so slow in loading.  We
are looking at changing Internet providers and maybe going
back to satellite like we had in Bozman.
This is the beginning of my music fabric collection.  Did
I mention we are booked on a Smooth Jazz Cruise in
February out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL?  I'm looking at patterns
for tote bags and small hand bags to use on the ship.
 Here is the rest of the order.

The stack of new fabric ready to be blended into my stash.
 Did want to leave Derby out of today's post.
 As if we didn't have enough doggies in this house I've
been on a kick to make mini ones.  At least they don't bark,
demand treats, belly rubs, or walks.
I ran out of stuffing so a trip to JoAnn's is in order.  I don't 
consider them 'born' until I stuff them and sew up the opening.
 More than likely I'll be giving them away to the folks in my
Facebook westies health group.  At the top of the photo are various
size blocks cut from leftover fabric.  I keep the blocks organized in plastic
bins by size.  I was told the fabric I donated to the quilt show
boutique went flying out the door so this will be the beginning of
the collection for the next quilt show in two years.

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