Thursday, June 1, 2017

Quilt Show Prep

The boutique being set-up with a lot of
hand made goodies.
 After 2 years of planning the Bayside Quilters Quilt Show
is upon us.  I was asked to document the set-up of this 
year's show as well as take photo's of the opening 
reception tomorrow night.
 My first photo stop was the boutique.  I spotted several things
I must have and will purchase tomorrow night.
 I only saw one set and if I had a little one that I
knew this sweater and hat would fit I would snatch it up - fast!
 Meet Lisa.  This is the lady who told me about Bayside
Quilters so everything going forward from that first
meeting [in a JoAnn's store] has all been because Lisa.
 Hanging them high!

 I will take photo's of all the quilts tomorrow
night ... but I just had to share a few with you now.
 Meet Chris ... she is the lady with the pen in her hand
and she is the one I mention from time to time on
the blog.  I turn in all my Outreach sewing into her.
 Meet Sandy.  She is the Queen Bee in charge of
the show.  She has a lot on her plate but everything
is running like clock work.
 I think this is my friend JoAnn's quilt.  It is
perfect and I love her choice of fabrics.

 Decisions ... Decisions

 The Oxford Fire Department was called upon to hang the pendents.
 This one [and the two below] are for sale.

All in all I took about 120 photo's today.
They are already cropped and the color
worked on to make them as perfect as possible.
Next up - tomorrow evening's
reception and the viewing of the
rest of the fabulous quilts.

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