Tuesday, May 30, 2017

All Pending Lap Quilts Are Done!

 I'm happy to say I have all my 'pending' lap quilts done.
It's nice to have a clean work table again.
 This one [and the one below] have been hanging
around my sewing room for a few months just 
waiting for me to finish them.  

 I made the decision to donate this to the Sunshine
State Westie Rescue auction starting Friday.  Now
I know I said I love this fabric but I also said I
can't keep them all.

 This mini-stuffed westie is only 7" wide by 6-1/2" tall.
It will go with the matching quilt.
 I watched Jenny from Missouri Star Quilters YouTube
video on how to make this quilt.  It was pretty simple
so I just whipped it up.  I have a second one
cut out and will put that together this weekend.
 The center of the star quilt are 2-1/2" blocks.
Going into the Sunshine Westie Rescue auction as well.
I just hope both of the donated quilts bring in a few
bucks to help the cause.  
 I posted this mini-westie and the other one on Facebook and
was surprised by how many people liked these little stuffed
dogs ... so you'll be seeing a few more when I get
them done.


  1. Katie you are a marvel! Must have overdrive on your sewing machine!

  2. Love those little stuffed westies. What a neat thing to go with the quilt