Monday, July 3, 2017

A Simple Little Dinner Party

 Finally this year the plants are large enough for me to wonder into the
 garden and cut flowers for our dinner table.  This makes me happy.

 The flowers in the arrangement:  calla lilies, cone flowers, delphiniums,
Joe Pye weed, hydrangea [the center is from our Limelight 
hydrangea blooming for the first time this year] and a few
spikes from our grasses by the porch steps.  The debate is
still on if we should add another flower bed for next year.
We've been talking about & promising our neighbors {Tamera & Frank}
a Tommy Hawk pork chop dinner for months. We finally set the date
to have them over.  Wilson baked 6 chops and this was actually
the first time I ate one.  He's been working on perfecting the recipe
to get the marinade just right as well as the cooking time.
Pork is so tricky to cook since it has little fat.  They were
a big hit all around and tasted excellent.
I was in the mood to make popovers and these were also
a big hit.  We also had double-stuffed potato's and Tamera
brought a new salad recipe which was excellent as well.  
I'm sorry I didn't get a photo but I do want that recipe
and when we make it, I'll share a photo then.
Two mugs ... the story of my hostess gift
Tamera and I took a day trip to Salisbury during the
week.  We hit Home Goods, a great shoe store, and Hobby
Lobby [which was stocking the shelves with
Christmas items already].  Anyway, while in Home
Goods I spotted the seahorse mugs and was debating
if I should buy one - the debate lead me to putting the 
mug in hand back on the shelf.  Tamera snatched the pair
without me knowing thinking they would make a
nice gift when they come over for dinner.
She was right and of course we used them this
morning for our coffee.  


  1. Whatis a Tommy Hawk pork chop? I've never heard of them. What a nice gift and sneaky ofher to purchase them without you knowing

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