Friday, June 30, 2017

The Week That Flew Right By!

 This has been a busy week all around just doing stuff.
I haven't had much time to sew which is really a bummer but 
I'm glad to share what has been started.
The fabric is called A Walk in the Glenn and I'm sorry I
didn't buy more of it when on sale.  
 I was asked to make a runner for one of the westie rescue
auctions.  I had enough fabric to make 6 napkins and
two mini-terriers [that you will see below].
 The close-up.  The red and white fabric has a few shiny
gold dots which makes this a little more interesting and not so 
flat.  The cream fabric is I believe Micheal Miller's 
Fairy Frost which has a flat shine to it.
In my travels this week I picked up a small bag of shortbread
cookies in the shape of terriers.  The table runner, napkins,
 2 terriers, and cookies will make a nice package for the auction.
Starting on Christmas 
Just getting started on this holiday quilt.  This is a simple
pattern made with a jelly roll [that's a 2-1/2" strip of fabric].
I forgot the name of this fabric but it's gorgeous.  You really can't 
see and the gold in the design but each print has some.
 There are more blocks to be made so you will
be seeing this one again.  
. . . 
Have a nice 4th of July weekend.  
We are staying in the neighborhood and I'm hoping that
the St. Michaels fire works will not get rained out.
Last year I sat on the screened in porch and watched
the ones that cleared the tree tops.  That's good
enough for me and Wilson is not into fireworks
so he usually watches TV.

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  1. I can watch our local fireworks from my back yard. This year I have to work on the July 4th though so I won't be staying up late enough to watch.