Tuesday, July 11, 2017

More Flowers In Bloom

 Saved from the rabbits our Stargazers are blooming for the
first time.  Last year they were rabbit food - but no anymore!
 Limelight Hydrangea
We have one plant at each end in the garden that
border the back porches. 

 A Walmart find.  I picked up the glad bulbs on 
impulse and tucked them into the garden
as a little surprise of color.  
 I also planted other colors which are just
starting to send up the flower stalk.
 Volunteer Sunflower is looking good.
 Given to our neighbor {Sarah} - they are now waiting for the
grandkids to visit.  I decided to make both of her
grand daughters new summer quilts using nautical fabric.
Sarah said the grand kids love sleeping with the
quilts I gave them last year so I figure it's time for new ones.


  1. Love your Stargazer Lily and your Hydrangeas. Also what a wonderful neighbor you are to make your friends granddaughters quilts-I guess with having 11 grands, I wouldn't even think of making quilts for other's grands. You are probably a gem to have as a neighbor-wish you lived next door to me; we'd have fun quilting together.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. I love da fabric doggies. High Paws!
    Now if dey had shorter legs, they would look like ME!

  3. So many pretty flowers. Your yard must look fantastic