Saturday, July 8, 2017

When Your Mother Calls . . .

 When your mother calls and asks why you haven't updated
the blog in several days ... that's a hint to update the blog!
Okay mom ... this one is for you.
 This has been a busy week which means it took me longer
than normal to sew the blocks for this top together.
 The gold accents gives this fabric a rich look.
This will be my new holiday quilt which means it doesn't
go into the 'give-a-way' stack.
 This is the second project I've been working on.  This top
 needs a splash of color and I'm still working on that.
A westie on westie fabric - how original.
 While going through my 5 [small] boxes of Christmas fabric
I found two yards of sock monkey print.  This has been resting for 
around two years so it's time to use it.  This is next up to
meet my sewing machine but I'm still playing with the layout.
 We are half way to Christmas [give or take a few days] so
it's time to make some mini-terriers for the holidays.  
I'm using small leftover pieces for these.
 The pair of nautical terriers are going to a neighbor home tonight
since they are having us for dinner.  I'm sure their grand children will
enjoy them.  The pink fairy terrier will be going as well.
Next up ... sewing the bodies closed and adding the ribbon.
Photo's of the completed ones coming soon.
That's it for today [Mom].  Hope you enjoyed the new post and
for tomorrow I want to share photo's of the volunteer sunflowers
growing in our center bed that Wilson wanted to pull out.
Keep cool - keep hydrated. 


  1. All the quilts look great. Looks like you have a whole kennel full of terriers :)

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