Monday, July 17, 2017

Our Back Yard In The Rain

 It's not often we have a rain storm while the sun is out.
I found the lighting during this storm pretty so I grabbed
my camera and took some photo's not knowing how
they would actually turn out.
 It's hard to tell it's raining and part of that is because when
I move photo's out of My Photo's I reduce the size
of pixels so it will download to the blog quicker - so what
is sharper in My Photo doesn't always look that sharp here.
 In the space to the left is the spot for a probable new garden.

 This is the porch we spend a lot of time on.
 After the rain we had a pretty sunset.  I saw photo's taken in St. Michaels
and they had a double rainbow.  We missed that here.
The rain knocked down the yellow glad so I cut it with
the white lily for an inside arrangement.
I wanted something new by our front door and put this
together quickly.  The wire container was on sale at
JoAnn's for $4.95 marked down from $15 and the flowers
were on sale for 70% off since they were classified
'spring'.  I like this wire container and will probably
just switch out the flowers later in the season.


  1. Your backyard is so pretty!!! :D So is your porch!

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